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image linking to Discussion on gEUlogy article, posting or chatimage linking to Discussion to Everything Is Electric article, posting or chatimage linking to Discussion on Everything Is Electric article, posting or chatExpanding Earth from a small Earth with surface completely covered by the continental plate growing to the larger XEarth we have today
gEUlogy - a veiw of the Earth..
through Electric EYEs.
What don't you see?

If Everything Is Electric...
then everything should show signs of being part of the Electric Universe

What Don't You See?
If you don't see this then...
what else don't you see?

Growing Earth
It all fits together on a smaller planet. What do you see?

In an Electrical Universe Everything is Electric | index

light emitting humans - humans do glow - biphotonics experiment shows human auras
Biophotonics show that humans do glow. Proof of human aura's?

images drawings resources squatterman squattingduckman petroglyphs photographs explanation
Did Christianity convert the Squatter Man into the Christian Chi Rho?

photographs and images of the ngoma lungundu the jewish african Ark of the Covenant
ngoma lungundu - African Ark of the Covenant(?) explained in the EU

akashic records problem solution explaination resolved mystery
the Akashic Records - explained and accessing them in an Electric Universe

Electric Universe = God = Electric Universe ?
Electric Universe = God = Electric Universe ?

Sacred white cows why were they sacred to Egyptians and Hindus?
Sacred white cows - why were they sacred to Egyptians and Hindus?


Malta's ancient Solar/Astronomy Observatories

Temple Builders Maltas Megaliths Solar sunset observatory ancient cultures peoples mediterranean archaeoastronomy
Malta's ancient Solar Observatory - near Dingli Cliffs

Maltese Temple Builders complex Megalithics sunset observatories ancient cultures peoples mediterranean Malta islands archaeoastronomy
Dingli Cliffs Malta solar observatories - manmade construction and location

solar and astronomy observatories complex constructed by the maltese temple builders
Standing Stones and Megaliths - used as observational markers

Maltas astronomy observatories and ancient concrete cement mortar buildings torba
Ancient cement/concrete (Maltese Torba) - used at the astronomy observatories

standing stones megaliths on the island of Malta and the astronomy observation complexes near Dingli Cliffs
Dingli Cliffs Observation complex - east hill and Megaliths (Standing Stones)

ancient structures and astronomical observatories on malta the island of temples
Dingli Cliffs Observation complex - middle hill and masonry

Gnejna Beach Mgarrr Malta photograph and images of the vernal equinox 2010 from the sun observatory
Gnejna Bay Malta - sun observatory used by Temple Builders?

photographs of maltas and maltese temples sites and megaliths and solar observatory at Gnejna Bay, Mgarr
Gnejna Bay, Mgarr | Sandy beach, Menhirs and the Solar Observatory

Malta's tanks/cisterns | Misqa tanks, Dingli Cliff tanks ...

Maltese Temple Builders Malta Il Misqa water tanks and cisterns at Hagar Qim Temples complex Megalithics
Misqa tanks, Malta - water cisterns for the Temple Builders and Egyptian Petroglyphs?

caveman phoenician or roman water food storage tanks and cisterns in malta and mediterranean
Dingli Cliffs tanks, Malta - underground stone larders? Built for what and by who?

Mnajdra Temple and Hagar Qim Temple protective cover schemes

photographs of Maltas Mnajdra Temples Megalithics protective covering scheme Maltese
Mnajdra Temple Malta - the beauty of the megalith under the protective cover

photographs of Maltese Hagar the Horrible Qim Temples Megaliths Malta
Hagar the Horrible Quim Temple - Summer Solstice alignment and a Pillarstone

Malta - other

Maltas sound mirrors Il Widna the ear in Maltese
Il Widna (the ear) - sound mirror (accoustic radar) pre WW2 technobuilding

Malta Maltese the Victoria Lines photographs
The Victoria Lines, Malta - Guide to walking the Lines

Tarxien Temples Malta - Maltese Temple Builders Megalith at Tarxien

Maltas Dingli Cliffs and day trips out - Maps, locations, directions

LWS animal park, Marsascala (Inspire) - Small zoo on Malta

New Zealand

New Zealands ancient Solar Observatory complex
New Zealands ancient Solar Observatory complex

Waipoua Forest Stone City

Waipoua Forest Stone City New Zealand - ancient settlements - pre Maori and forbidden history?
Waipoua Forest Stone City, New Zealand - ancient settlement being destroyed

Puketapu hill and horizon astronomy

Puketapu hill and horizon astronomy New Zealand - ancient settlements - pre Maori and forbidden history?
Puketapu hill and horizon astronomy - the land used to map the stars and the land

Tapapakanga Park and landscape archaeology

Tapapakanga Park New Zealand and landscape archaeology
Tapapakanga Park New Zealand - landscape archaeology and horizon astronomy

Everything Is Electric Forum

Everything Is Electric forum - everything in an Electric Universe is DIScussed


There is a natural cure or remedy for severe Gout - natural diet that cures gout

electric universe theory and plasma cosmology twitter tweets twits twibbon followers
#twitter and the #electricuninversetheory - follow, tweet and
wear your EU Theory #twibbon with pride

good budget food, Malta - places to eat cheap and great food

New to Everything Is Electric and the
Electric Universe theory (EU theory)?

the electric universe theory (EU theory) explained examples discussed
What is the Electric Universe theory? - the EU theory explained
Supporting evidence for the Electric Universe theory (EU theory)
nEUbie? - new to the Electric Universe?
newbEIE? - new to Everything Is Electric?
new to gEU? - gEUlogy is Electric Universe geology
the plasmaVerse - guide to Electric Universe sites, books (EUbooks) and free videos
Everything Is Electric forum - nEUbie guide

XEarth Theory - the exchanging and expanding Earth in an Electric Universe
Electric YouniversE - Electric Universe photographs and images
What don't you see? - not what do you think you see
The plasmaVerse - links to the Electric Universe and other Verses?
Everything Is Electric (home) - is everything electric?

photographs of Maltese Clapham Junction Malta Cart Ruts and Tracks on the island
Cart Ruts Malta - are even Malta's Cart Ruts part of the EU?


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the electric sky book by Donald E Scott
The Electric Sky book - by Donald E Scott

GEMSTONES of the World book - by by Walter Schumann

Geek Storage and Hosting Packages - Website and VPS

The Mayan 3Q prophet by Chris Vaughan

The Mayan 3Q Prophet - stunning short story by Chris Vaughan

Others sites and links

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